Old Man Winter Hangs On

Image courtesy of Watercrystals.com.

Image courtesy of Watercrystals.com.

With just seven weeks to go until the arrival of Summer Solstice, one might think Mother Nature is playing a game.  A dip in the jet stream allowed cold air to sink much further south than it normally does this time of year.  The result:  a rare May snow in the nation’s mid-section.

In Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 1.5″ of snow fell on Wednesday making it the first snowfall the city had seen in May in 37 years.

16.7 inches of snow fell in Estes Park Colorado, more than a foot in Aspen, and 7.1″ in Longmont.

Kansas City received a trace of snow on May 11, 2005, but nothing measurable since May 3, 1907.  Thursday night and Friday morning may break a record.

Snow moved into Central Kansas early Thursday, where it had never fallen before in the month of May since record keeping began.

The white stuff falls in Denver about one time every three years.  Snow has never fallen in the mile-high city in July or August.


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