Award Winning Lego Display Features Rotating Tornado

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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was a children’s novel written by L. Frank Baum and published in May of 1900.  In 1902, it became a popular Broadway musical and in 1939, it was brought to film.  Some 74 years after the movie, people are still talking about its creativity.  Future generations are finding ways to re-create the story.  This year, it is being done by using Legos.

12 Lego builders turned The Wizard of Oz into a 3D plastic classic that includes almost every scene in the film; even a rotating tornado.

The collaborators from VirtualUG presented their work at Brickworld 2013 Chicago, which is a display of Lego builds.

The re-creation is 10 feet long and includes a spinning tornado carrying Dorothy and her house off to Oz.  It then turns into a colored array of bricks to simulate the Yellow Brick Road. says the display continues through Emerald City, a dark forest, the witches castle and back to Emerald City as Oz’s balloon is set to launch.

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