Bills Quarterback Helps Neighbors After Tornado

nfl_a_kkolb88_cr_600Buffalo Bills quarterback Kevin Kolb and his wife Whitney made their home in Granbury, Texas since 2007.  That’s when Kolb entered the NFL draft.  Just this last year, they built their dream home in town on a lake this past year.  But after the May 15th tornadoes that hit the town, Kolb and his wife were worried the home they just moved into was gone.

According to, the NFL quarterback was flying into Dallas-Fort Work airport from Buffalo the night of the storms.  After landing, passengers received calls from family members telling them of what happened.  Kolb overheard one passenger that a large tornado had struck his home town.  He immediately called his wife.

“I just landed when the tornadoes had just hit Granbury, so of course I picked up my phone and called my wife because people were talking about it on the plane,” he said. “She was good because she was there at the airport to pick me up, but we had no idea about our house.”

It turned out that the Kobls home was fine.  The twister did most of its damage about three miles away.  Kolb said, “We were fortunate.”  That’s when he knew how they could help.

“We had a second home that we had up for sale in the area and we decided to take it off the market,” said Kolb. “We’re setting up for them to live in it until they get their house rebuilt.”

“They’re overwhelmed, not just because of what we offered, but what our church is doing rebuilding their house from scratch,” he said. “It’s a really good opportunity for everybody to lend a hand and for them to forget about their situation for a little bit.”

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