The Storm Report Rewind for June 19

In 1972 - Hurricane Agnes moved onshore near Cape San Blas, Florida, with wind gusts to 80 miles per hour, and exited Maine on the 26th.  There were 117 deaths, mainly due to flooding from North Carolina to New York State, and total damage was estimated at more than three billion dollars.

In 1987 - It was a warm June day, with plenty of thunderstorms east of the Rockies.  Lightning knocked out power at Throckmorton, Texas, and ignited an oil tank battery.  A woman in Knox City, Texas, was struck by lightning while in her car, and a man was struck by lightning near his home in Manatee County FL.

In 2006 - Up to 11 inches of rain fell in the Houston, Texas area, causing widespread flash flooding.  The Houston Fire Department rescued more than 500 people from flood waters, but no serious injuries or fatalities were reported.