The Storm Report Rewind for June 24

Lightning_strike_jan_2007In 1924 - Six men at a rock quarry south of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, sought shelter from a thunderstorm. The structure chosen contained a quantity of dynamite.  Lightning struck a near-by tree causing the dynamite to explode.  The men were killed instantly.

In 1952 - Thunderstorms produced a swath of hail 60 miles long and 3.5 miles wide through parts of Hand, Beadle, Kingsbury, Miner and Jerauld counties in South Dakota.  Poultry and livestock were killed, and many persons were injured.

In 1987 - Thunderstorms spawned six tornadoes in eastern Colorado. Baseball size hail was reported near Yoder, Colorado, and thunderstorm winds gusting to 92 mph derailed a train near Pratt, Kansas.  The town of Gould, Oklahoma, was soaked with nearly an inch and a half of rain in just ten minutes.