The Storm Report Rewind for December 31

In 1947 – A late afternoon tornado touched down 10 miles north of Shreveport LA, and dissipated south of El Dorado, Arkansas. The tornado, as much as 400 yards in width, killed 18 persons. It damaged or destroyed two thirds of the structures at Cotton Valley, Louisiana.

In 1962 – Perhaps the worst blizzard in the history of the state of Maine finally came to an end. The storm produced 40 inches in 24 hours at Orono, and a total of 46 inches at Ripogenus Dam.

In 2010 – Unusually warm air fueled strong storms in the mid-western and southern U.S., producing high winds and a preliminary count of 53 tornadoes across five states.  At least eight people were killed in Missouri and Arkansas and dozens of others were injured. In Mississippi, about 200 people were evacuated from the Jackson-Evers International Airport, where an EF-2 tornado crossed a runway.

The Storm Report Rewind for December 30

In 1917 – A great cold wave set many records in the northeastern U.S. The mercury plunged to 13 degrees below zero at New York City, and to 15 degrees below zero at Boston. Temperature readings dipped below zero at Boston five nights in a row.

In 1955 – Anchorage, Alaska, reported an all-time record snow depth of 47 inches.

2008 – Severe to extreme drought was observed across parts of the Hawaiian Islands, the western continental U.S., and parts of Georgia and South Carolina.  Meanwhile, severe to exceptional drought conditions were present across southern Texas.

The Storm Report Rewind for December 29

In 1830 – A very heavy snowstorm ushered in the “winter of the deep snow.”  The storm produced 30 inches of snow at Peoria and 36 inches at Kansas City. Cold and snow continued until the middle of February causing great suffering among pioneers.

In 1954 – Fort Scott, Kansas, was buried under 26 inches of snow in 24 hours to establish a state record.

In 1989 – Snow and ice prevailed from the southwestern U.S. to the Great Lakes Region. Flagstaff, Arizona, received nine inches of snow in just six hours.  Bitter cold weather continued over Maine.

The Storm Report Rewind for December 28

In 1924 – Iowa experienced it coldest December morning of record.  Morning lows averaged 25 degrees below zero for the 104 weather stations across the state.

In 1958 – Albuquerque, New Mexico, received 14.2 inches of snow to establish a 24 hour record.

In 1988 – Strong winds behind a cold front claimed three lives in eastern Pennsylvania, and injured a dozen others in eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey and Maryland. Winds gusted to 87 mph at Hammonton, New Jersey, and in the Washington D.C. area.


The Storm Report Rewind for December 27

In 1982 – The worst Louisiana rainstorm in more than 100 years came to an end. More than 18 inches fell at Vinton, Louisiana, during the three day storm. Flooding was widespread, and property damage was estimated at 100 to 200 million dollars. President Reagan visited the state and declared ten parishes in northeastern Louisiana disaster areas.

In 1988 – Severe thunderstorms developing along a cold front in the south central U.S. spawned a dozen tornadoes in Mississippi between early afternoon and sunrise the following day.  A tornado at Harperville destroyed five chicken homes killing thousands of chickens. Strong thunderstorm winds gusted to 80 mph at Rolling Fork.

In 2004 – A major storm system affected parts of the western United States during December 27-29, bringing a variety of weather conditions to the region. Heavy rainfall broke daily precipitation records at some locations in California. Very heavy snow fell across the Sierra Nevada Mountains, with some areas receiving several feet of accumulation. Winds with this weather system gusted over 65 mph at some coastal and mountain locations in California.

The Storm Report Rewind for December 26

In 1947 – New York City received a record 26.4 inches of snow in 24 hours, with as much as 32 inches reported in the suburbs. The heavy snow brought traffic to a standstill, and snow removal cost eight million dollars. Thirty thousand persons were called upon to remove the 100 million tons of snow. The storm claimed 27 lives.

In 1988 – Low pressure produced heavy snow from North Dakota to western sections of the Great Lakes Region, with up to fourteen inches reported in the Chicago area. Cold arctic air hovered over the Plateau Region.  Temperatures in the Big Smokey Valley of Nevada plunged to 31 degrees below zero.

In 2003 – A major snow storm in Utah caused several fatalities due to avalanches. As much as 2 ft of snow fell in parts of the state, particularly south of Salt Lake City. Three people that were seen snowboarding in the Aspen Grove recreational area have been presumed dead, all others managed to escape or be rescued.

The Storm Report Rewind for December 25

In 1980 – It was the coldest Christmas Day of modern record in the northeastern U.S. Temperatures as cold as 36 degrees below zero were reported in New York State, and as the sharp cold front swept southeastward the temperature at Boston plunged from 34 degrees to seven degrees below zero during the day.

In 1987 – Residents of Tucson, Arizona, awoke to a white Christmas for the first time in forty-seven years of records, as a winter storm blanketed the area with up to four inches of snow. While heavy rain inundated Arkansas, freezing rain was reported from northwest Texas to southwestern Missouri, with an inch of ice reported at Harrison, Arkansas.

In 2010 – Up to 32 inches of snow and blizzard conditions affected parts of the eastern U.S. on December 25th-27th. A state of emergency was declared in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Maine.  In New York City, up to 24.5 inches of snow fell, effectively shutting down rail lines, major airports, and bus services. Thousands of flights were cancelled and stranded subway riders were forced to spend a night in unheated train cars. One person was reported killed in Maine due to the weather conditions.

The Storm Report Rewind for December 24

In 1983 – The barometric pressure reached 31.42 inches at Miles City, Montana, to establish a record for the U.S. It was the coldest Christmas Eve of modern record. More than 125 cities reported record low temperatures for the date, and all-time record lows for December were reported at seventeen cities, including Chicago with a low of 25 degrees below zero, and Havre, Montana, with a reading of 50 below zero.

In 1987 – A four day seige of heavy rain began in the south central U.S. Flooding claimed four lives and caused millions of dollars property damage. Western Tennessee was drenched with up to fourteen inches of rain in two days. Total rainfall exceeded twelve inches around Memphis and the heavy rain and subsequent flooding added insult to injury to victims of the West Memphis tornado on the 14th of the month. Little Rock  experienced their wettest December day of record with 5.01 inches of rain. West Little Rock reported 10.20 inches of rain in 24 hours.

In 1988 – Early morning thunderstorms developing along a cold front spawned a powerful tornado at Franklin, Tennessee, which killed one person, injured seven others, and caused eight million dollars damage. Another in a series of winter storms in the western U.S. produced 20 inches of snow at Blue Canyon, California,  in 24 hours. Bishop, California, received 14 inches of snow in just six hours, and Redding, California, which averages three inches of snow per year, was blanketed with ten inches.

The Storm Report Rewind for December 23

In 1982 – A major winter storm struck Colorado producing heavy snow and blizzard conditions. A record two feet of snow was reported at Stapleton Airport in Denver, which was shut down for 33 hours. Up to 44 inches of snow fell in the foothills surrounding Denver. The storm hurt the ski industry as skiers were unable to make it out of Denver to the slopes, and the closed airport became a campground for vacationers.

In 1989 – An historic arctic outbreak spread to the Gulf Coast Region, and a total of 122 cities across the central and eastern U.S. reported record low temperatures for the date. Forty-one of those cities reported record lows for the month of December, with some cities breaking December records established the previous morning. Morning lows of 11 degrees at New Orleans  and Lake Charles, 4 degrees below zero at San Angelo Texas, and 26 degrees below zero at Topeka Kansas, established all-time records for those four locations.

In 2009 – Severe storms and heavy rainfall were associated with the same storm that brought blizzard conditions to the central parts of the U.S. on December 23rd and 24th. At least one death in Louisiana was blamed on the heavy rainfall and storms.

The Storm Report Rewind for December 22

In 1961 – Holiday travel was paralyzed over extreme northeastern Kansas, and adjacent parts of Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska. The storm produced 5 to 15 inches of snow, with drifts up to ten feet high.

In 1987 – The first day of winter was a relatively tranquil one for much of the nation, but heralded a winter storm in the Central Rockies. The storm produced 40 inches of snow at the top of the Pomerelle Ski Resort, south of Burley Idaho, the heaviest snow of record for that location.

In 1988 – Strong winds prevailed in the foothills of Wyoming and Colorado. Winds gusted to 123 mph southwest of Fort Collins Colorado, and reached 141 mph at the summit of Mount Evans. An ice storm paralyzed parts of Upper Michigan during the day.