Look Who I Found On Twitter! A Big Welcome to the Newest Member of the Storm Report!

The cool guy we hired for social media

The cool guy we hired for social media

The Storm Report would like to welcome Harrison Sincavage to our social media team.  Harrison is a freshman at Penn State University and is currently attending the Berks campus.  He is from the small town of Wyomissing outside of Reading, PA.

I found Harrison in a rather unique way.  I found him on twitter.

Here’s what happened: I received a tweet from Harrison when the coastal low was plaguing the Mid Atlantic coast back in October.  He tweeted about buoy data and coastal conditions off the DE coast.  It was a well thought out tweet with great information and I sent it out.  I checked out his profile on Twitter and Facebook.  Harrison impressed me immediately.   By reading his previous tweets, you could tell he loves the weather and has a vast knowledge on the subject.    And he is a freshman!   Once I saw he is a Penn Stater, that sealed the deal to reach out to him since that is where I received my met degree!  After chatting with Harrison, I knew this is someone who could really be an asset to the Storm Report.  He is a well grounded, hard working, meteorologist to be.

I asked Harrison to tell me more about what got him into the world of weather.  “My interest in weather has always been with me since I was a little kid. My most prominent memory of a major weather event at a young age was Hurricane Floyd back in September of 1999. I remember watching it be tracked on The Weather Channel and them saying that the flooding was going to be bad. It turns out, we had over 13 inches of rain in two days. Our basement flooded and our backyard was completely flooded due a storm drain that was connected to the local creek. It backed up because the flooding was so major and the water line reached our house. I remember standing downstairs in the basement with my dad and brother watching the water pour through one of our basement windows down onto the floor. That was the most amazing thing I have ever seen, and it has stuck with me ever since.”

I asked Harrison what he is excited about most about working for The Storm Report.  “I am very excited to be with The Storm Report as I for one, will be able to help out in the warning process when dangerous weather occurs and potentially save lives. But I am also excited and fortunate enough to work with meteorologists who have spent decades in the field and be able to take what I learn in the classroom, and apply it to real life scenarios.”


Jennifer Narramore, Social Media Coordinator for the Storm Report

Twitter:  @thestormreport

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thestormreportradionetwork

Google +: https://plus.google.com/108426057235565595001/posts


Longtime Washington D.C. TV Meteorologist Retires

Meteorologist Bob Ryan

Meteorologist Bob Ryan

Legendary meteorologist Bob Ryan of WJLA-TV in Washington is retiring.

Ryan has been with the ABC affiliate for three years.  Prior to that, he was the head meteorologist at WRC-TV in Washington.  He began his 40-year-career in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

WJLA-TV News Director Bill Lord said, “Bob has done a brilliant job for us over the past three years making great contributions to the success of our outstanding 11pm newscast. He has also led the charge on our national award-winning website which derives about a quarter of its page views from the weather pages Bob helped design and populate. We have not yet worked out all the details of Bob’s departure but we will keep everyone in the loop as things develop.”

The station and staff celebrated Ryan’s career on the air on Wednesday.


Volunteer Firefighters Honored After Superstorm Sandy

Breezy Point, New York Volunteer Firefighters.  Image from ABC-TV.

Breezy Point, New York Volunteer Firefighters. Image from ABC-TV.

It’s been six months since Superstorm Sandy unleashed a wave of destruction on the small beach community of Breezy Point, New York.  The town’s volunteer firefighters remember each moment vividly.  Marty Ingram, the chief of the fire department said, “…horrific comes to mind.”

During the course of the storm, wind-whipped flood waters rose 8 feet high.  The firehouse was almost completely destroyed by the floodwaters.

Meanwhile, Ingram and his team left the firehouse to help with a six-alarm blaze on the tip of the Rockaway peninsula in Queens.  High winds blew embers that set 125 homes on fire, reducing them to rubble.

The volunteer firefighters were honored by Good Morning America’s Sam Champion recently.  The group risked their lives to save others, so Champion presented them with a $10,000 check from Direct Relief, a medical relief organization.  The money will be used to help make repairs to the firehouse.


NOAA Earns Spot in TIME Magazine’s Top 50 Websites

noaa-national-weather-serviceTIME magazine recently conducted their annual salute to websites and services.  The criteria included informative and entertaining websites that save you time and money and could even change your life.

Among TIME’s Top 50, was the National Weather Service Weather.gov website.

The publication said, “Weather.gov probably isn’t as slick as the weather app on your phone, but compared to other popular websites, the National Weather Service excels at offering no-nonsense forecasts, maps another other weather details with minimal clutter.”

Other sites that ranked among the 50 best include SoundCloud.com, Twit and NPR’s First Listen.



Meteorologists Earn “Hot Stuff” Award

KXAS-TV Meteorologists David Finfrock and Rebecca Miller have been honored by the North Central Texas Council of Governments.  The two were recipients of the Hot Stuff Award.

Midlothian Mayor Pro Tem Joe Frizzell presented the award for their outstanding service to the North Central Texas Emergency Preparedness Planning Council.

Frizell said Finfrock and Miller spent countless hours to produce a documentary educating the public.

The video can be seen here:


KSNW-TV Meteorologist Mark Bogner Departs After 23 Years

KSN Meteorologist Mark Bogner

KSN Meteorologist Mark Bogner

After more than two decades as a television meteorologist at the Kansas State Network, Mark Bogner will leave to become a hearing aid specialist in Wichita.

Chief Meteorologist Dave Freeman said, “Mark’s dedication..and his willingness to go the extra mile is something that I will always just remember.”

Watch the KSNW-TV tribute to Mark here.

Men Turn Tornado Debris Into Garden

Facebook image of the Tornado Garden in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Facebook image of the Tornado Garden in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

They say you can make lemonade from lemons when times are tough.  Can you create new life from tornado debris?  Two Hattiesburg, Mississippi men know it is possible.

Jody Mabary and his friend Beau Lackey have taken neighborhood debris from the February 10 tornado and used it to develop a vegetable garden.  The two used pine, oak logs, bricks and other items to build a garden in the front Mabary’s home.  The garden includes squash, corn, peppers and peas.

The twister damaged several dozen houses in Maybary’s neighborhood near Hattiesburg High School.  That’s when he decided he wanted to do something that people could watch grow in the face of destruction.

“We saw the opportunity for salvageable materials that we could re-claim and re-purpose to build the garden and we were very careful to pick all untreated lumber, so that it’s safer and appropriate for gardening use and food production,” said Beau Lackey.

Follow images of the Hattiesburg garden online via Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/TornadoGardenHattiesburg

TV Meteorologist Joins Fight Against M.S.

Image courtesy of Hartford Courant.com.

Image courtesy of Hartford Courant.com.

Award-winning meteorologist Gil Simmons of WTNH-TV in Hartford, Connecticut will join more than 1,000 West Haven residents on Sunday to help fight multiple sclerosis.

West Haven High School will host Walk MS, an annual fundraiser held by the National MS Society.  Simmons, a longtime supporter will lead the charge from the West Haven walk site.


Earth Systems Laboratory Honored With Award

SOS_smNOAA received the prestigious 2013 Space Achievement Award today from the Space Foundation “for its use of space-based systems in making life-saving predictions and issuing early warnings of calamitous weather conditions.”

Sandy MacDonald, director of NOAA’s Earth Systems Research Laboratory in Boulder, Colo., accepted the award on behalf of NOAA at the Space Foundation’s 29th National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs.

“For all of the hard-working scientists, researchers and engineers at NOAA, receiving this award is a high honor coming from such a distinguished organization,” MacDonald said. “NOAA will continue to stay true to its mission of protecting lives and property, while helping to increase our understanding of the dynamic changes occurring within Earth’s environment.”

Each year, the Space Foundation presents the Space Achievement Award to an individual or organization for significant contributions in advancing the exploration, development or use of space.


Iowa AM Radio Station Maintains Dominance by Programming Local

KCIM Program Director Wes Treadway

KCIM Program Director Wes Treadway

A career in radio typically never comes without sacrifice.  Such was the case with Wes Treadway.  A passion for the business led him to do what he does best.  Treadway is the program director of KCIM-AM in Carroll, Iowa.

“I was an operations manager at another station that treated their employees very poorly.  It was much worth it to take a pay cut 13 years ago to take the program director position here.  That was when loving what you do started to become much more important to me than how much money you make,” Treadway said.

In the 1980’s, local television stations were forced to deal with new competitors on cable. Eventually, TV had to merge from the rabbit ears to cable and satellite. Today, radio is undergoing a similar challenge. With a variety of satellite channels, Internet platforms are bringing even more choices to consumers. For many radio programmers, the way to conform is to stay true to who you are.  Treadway says radio is a different animal than it was 10 years ago.   There are reasons today that make it more vital to a listener than ever.  “We have always looked at weather on the Internet and weather apps as a nice companion to weather on your local radio station.  It is certainly not something you would want to rely on solely to keep your family safe.  We are also the only local source for weather related announcements like school closings and cancellations.”

Weather is a key element on KCIM.  Treadway says an experience with family members hit home about the importance it plays on radio.  “My wife’s aunt and uncle had their home destroyed by a tornado in Parkersburg, Iowa, a few years ago.  We helped them sort through debris and just a month or so later, we were at an outdoor event and saw a funnel cloud headed toward us and had to grab the kids and run…with no plan of where to go.  We just so happened to run by a church and saw people going into the basement.  It was then the importance became paramount for us.”

In the face of changing media, KCIM remains the choice for vital information.  Treadway says listeners make the station their first choice because it is reliable.  “We are the area’s only true LOCAL source for weather updates.  Our listeners rely heavily on us to provide them with accurate information to keep them safe.  We have all had a large amount of severe weather reporting duties and pride ourselves on really zeroing in on specific areas of Carroll County as well as our surrounding counties during severe weather.  We also have a great relationship with our local authorities especially our Emergency Management Director.  We have been fortunate enough to have many listeners call or write us to thank us for this service.”